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The Kansas Coalition for Fair Funding, Inc. is working to pass a constitutional amendment clarifying that the legislature shall determine the total amount of funding that constitutes suitable provision for finance of the educational interests of the state.


The framers of our national and state Constitutions understood that the power to tax and appropriate funds must be placed in the hands of the legislature-the governing body of the people.

Unfortunately, years of litigation over funding of our schools has eroded this fundamental principle of democracy.

The years of fighting and budget uncertainty has caused other areas of public needs to suffer. We need safe roads to travel to visit family and friends; to move commodities, groceries, manufactured products, and commerce. We need health care services. We need services available for the poor, developmentally disabled or elderly. And we need to provide for public safety through support of our first responders-police, fire and rescue, and secure prisons.

We need a Constitutional Amendment to untie the legal knots that have stifled Kansans and our legislature from making choices that balance ALL of the Kansans needs. We want to give Kansans the option to clarify ambiguities in the Kansas Constitution regarding suitable provisions for K-12 education.

The Coalition is supportive of K-12 education and the children of the state of Kansas. Kansas has good schools!

Kansans have and will continue to support schools-approximately 1/2 of every state tax dollar goes to schools.

The proposed constitutional amendment will lift the shadow over the state’s ability to regain economic stability and begin to move Kansas forward.

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